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  • Flute Lessons

    Scherzo Music School offers flute lessons year round, with flexible scheduling periods during summer and winter. The program is structured in 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons, once or twice a week, and enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. Students will learn proper holding of the instrument, correct tonguing, efficient breathing, proper articulation and musicality. 

    For younger beginners interested in flute lessons, Scherzo Music School offers recorder lessons as an early start. The lessons will help students to develop a proper technique starting with a good sound production, correct hand posture and holding of the instrument and correct tonguing for developing accuracy.

  • The Instrument

    Believed to be the oldest musical instrument, the flute is also one of the smallest and lightest. Although categorized as a woodwind instrument, flutes are usually made of nickel, silver or silver-plated brass. A reedless instrument, sound is produced by blowing air into a hole, with the instrument being held parallel and to the right of the musician.

    The instrument produces a soprano sound, using three different octaves. The piccolo, a smaller variation of the flute, has a pitch that can go an octave higher. The flute is one of the most popular instruments used in concert bands and one that can be used in many different musical genres. Its popularity, size, and sound make it a favorite in bands, orchestras, jazz and instrumental groups. The flute is also well recognized as a solo instrument that can produce both delightful melodies and harmonies.

    Part of the woodwind family, the flute is played by blowing air across a mouthpiece to create sound. While commonly played in orchestras or marching bands, flautists have also been featured in contemporary music.