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  • Marcus Phillips

    Woodwind specialist Marcus Phillips is a professional freelance Oboe/English Hornist in the Greater Bay Area with an extensive background in orchestral performance, chamber music, and teaching. Learning multiple woodwind instruments at an early age, Marcus has established a solid foundation on many instruments and enjoys teaching students the joys of learning and mastering their new instrument.

    Originally hailing from South Florida; Marcus received his Master of Music degree from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music (studying under Russ DeLuna of the San Francisco Symphony) and a Bachelor of Music degree in Oboe Performance from Georgia State University.

    Marcus has always enjoyed teaching and sharing music with others. After finishing his studies, Marcus began working with the San Francisco Symphony’s youth outreach program, “Adventure in Music” for multiple years, where he was able to perform, teach, and inspire hundreds of young students to pick up an instrument and start their journey of making music. Marcus truly believes that you can never be too young nor too old to pick up any instrument. Learning an instrument is like gaining a key to a special language where you are able to tell stories unlike any other medium of art. Studying music has also been proven to increase your ability to focus, improve academic skills, helps boost self-esteem, and help relieve stress/anxiety.

    Marcus has had the honor of performing with/held positions in many Bay Area ensembles including: the Silicon Valley Philharmonic, Napa Valley Ballet, Stockton Symphony, Modesto’s Townsend Opera house, South Bay Symphony Orchestra, New Millennium Chamber Orchestra, Merced Symphony, Bay Area Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Parnassus, Awesöme Orchestra Collective, as well as many orchestras throughout Georgia and Houston. He has also participated in master classes and music festivals with notable artist: William Bennett, Phil Ross, Eugene Izotov, Jonathan Fischer, Nancy Ambrose King, James Sullivan, Mark Ostoich, Alex Klein, Elizabeth Koch, Frank Rosenwein, and many other well established musicians.