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  • Evangeline Wong

    Evangeline Wong began piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued on to receive her Master of Fine Arts in Piano Performance from the University of California, Irvine under the instruction of Dr. Lorna Griffitt. Ms. Wong has performed extensively in solo and chamber recitals, including performances at the Schlern International Music Festival in Völs am Schlern, Italy, Brevard Music Festival in Brevard, North Carolina, Summit Music Festival in Purchase, New York and in the televised “Sounds of Spring” Concert at the Irvine Civic Center in 2009. At the music festivals she studied with renowned faculty including Douglas Weeks (Converse College), Boris Slutsky (Peabody) and Pavel Nersessian (Moscow University). Her most notable master class performances include Menahem Pressler, John Perry, Gerald Robbins with the Rio Trio, Alan Rickman, Richard Cionco and Sandra Wright Shen. 

    Currently Ms. Wong enjoys her career as a highly active music teacher, passionate about making a well-rounded music education accessible to students of all ages. Focusing on strengthening the student’s understanding of the fundamentals of music, Ms. Wong customizes her piano-lesson plans to each individual student so that lesson-time can be enjoyable and great musical learning can be cultivated. Her goal as an educator is to equip her students with the tools to understand and appreciate music even well past their piano lessons. 

    Ms. Wong is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and her students have achieved high honors at the California Association of Professional Music Teachers Student Evaluation programs. Many of her students have participated and placed at the US Open Music Competitions. Ms. Wong also encourages and prepares her students to perform in recitals so they can develop their confidence on stage from an early age and learn the importance of sharing music they have been working so diligently on during their piano lesson and individual practice.  

    Along with teaching piano lessons at Scherzo Music School in San Mateo, Ms. Wong plays frequently with Central Peninsula Church in Foster City for Sunday services and collaborates with local musicians for other musical engagements.