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  • Heeryoung Park

    Heeryoung Park is trained as a musician in South Korea from her early age and has been playing piano and Cello for more than

    40 years. She has a diplome in Cello from Maastricht Conservatorium in Netherland and lived in Cologne for many years.

    She spent some time in Paris as well and consequently she is richly nutured by European music and art culture.

    She worked in Changwon City Orchestra for many years as a first cellist and taught in various universities in South Korea.

    At the same time she was a member of a chamber ensemble and traveled to France, Swiss and Japan to give concerts.

    Heeryoung has been giving lessons for more than 30 years and she knows how to teach music to those who are either beginner or advanced.

    She can teach both piano and Cello with passion and understanding heart that students can feel at home during lessons.

    Now she is living in Belmont with her family and plays music in various occasions to serve people