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  • Our almost 5 year old daughter has been enrolled at Scherzo for about less than 1 year, and we have been very happy so far. What I am most grateful for as a parent is that on top of giving top-notch musical instruction, I find that the teachers here are extremely intuitive not only as musicians, but as people getting to know their students. Mr. Aurelio Torres, my daughter's piano teacher and founder of the school, has got to be the most patient and caring piano teacher out there, on top of giving outstanding instruction - he has *just* the right balance of giving my daughter a challenge, but not making it too overwhelming for her. I am blown away by his gift of teaching. Practicing at home, my daughter WANTS to try to keep her hands round in the right position, even when it's hard (she's only 4:), but also excitedly talks about the new piece or wanting to review old pieces. Ms. Catarina Ferreira, her cello teacher, exudes with a radiant warmth and enthusiasm for cello, and she has a gifted way of capturing my daughter's excitement and channeling it into a focused lesson. I can't think of a better cello teacher for my daughter. She is gifted and amazing to listen to as well, as I've heard her play a few times and will start attending recitals starting this weekend. My daughter is blossoming in many ways under both Mr. Torres' and Ms. Ferreira's guidance. I also appreciate the down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere here. I don't think music (or musical talent) is meant to give people status over others or to make anyone feel out of place. As a kid, I think that kind of thing put a damper on my journey through piano and violin lessons. I think music is meant to be a gift for all of us to receive, and a privilege for one to learn. I think this school brings that out of students. I've attended several recitals so far, and I see this. The very talented kids who are mastering their instruments are valued just as much as the ones who are at different stages. I love how each student gets loud, warm applause. It's a gem of a place for great instruction, and great appreciation for music as a gift.

    Jennifer Y

  • My kid who just turned 4-year-old a few months ago started his music discovery group lesson at Scherzo Music studio. I had a little doubt at the beginning because it's very different from other group music class in the nearby that requires parent involvement and stay in the class. But my child really loves his teacher and songs, so I signed him up after the trial lesson. I think my son can tell (with his child instinct) this class will just have so much fun so he's not willing to go other places.

    It turns out my boy, who doesn't usually talk a lot, really blends in and participates in the music lesson playing rhythm, learning notes and singing songs, and talking and expressing himself a lot too!! He loves to go there every week. He really learns music theory in such 45-minute lesson. The class is not randomly singing songs or dancing around but is well-structured. I am also impressed with the materials prepared by Scherzo Music Studio which I can use to reinforce my child at home. It's VERY useful and can't be bought outside (coz the Studio made it themselves!!!). This class far far exeeds my expectation as I never expect my 4-year-old can learn AND remember quarter note is 1 beat, half note is 2 beat, and half note with a dot is 3 beat. He recognizes Treble and Bass Clef, and can read notes.... and is now playing Christmas songs (just practicing)...

    I've transitioned my child to a combo group + private lesson. He's ready for private piano lesson after just 8-class of music discovery group but I do not want to take away his fun from the group class because he can sing along and enjoy music with his little friends in the group. I am very thankful for teacher Abigail and teacher Aurelio making this class so much fun. My 4 -year-old now sits at the piano to practice on his own (and plays for his grandma) when I am outside at work. He can now play Piano Adventure B and even C before he turns to 4 and half.


    Yoo H.

  • If anyone is looking for a fantastic, local piano teacher, I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Torres located in downtown San Mateo on B Street. Both my children started individual private lessons with him at age 5. Every year, they have participated in 3 recitals that have been great for their confidence, not to mention precious to watch them. He does not have a one-size-fit all teaching style but instead teaches to how each individual child learns. This is something unique to find in a good piano teacher. Below is one of his assessments sent to me regarding my children's progress.

    "The kids are doing well. Zico is moving along fine... very soon to level 2B. Danielle will also be finishing level B. Both have a completely different learning approach. Danielle is more detail oriented, artistic and likes memorizing; Zico is more analytical, reads music instead of memorizing, so he will be advancing faster in terms of books, but needs to be slowed down and focus on details once in a while. I am very happy with the progress of both."

    We have had only positive and wonderful things to say about our experience with Mr. Torres. My children were in year round school with many breaks and he was always flexible to make up the time. At many other studios you are just a number or contract, but not with Mr. Torres. Your child is a treasure to him to influence with his deep love and passion for music.

    Cher M.