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  • Voice Discovery

    The Voice Discovery class is designed to provide an introduction to singing technique and repertoire for students ages 5 to 10 who have not previously taken voice lessons.  

    Required Materials:

    • Kids’ Musical Theater Collection, Volume 1 (book with recorded accompaniments recommended for convenient practicing)
    • Folder or Binder to hold any other papers and vocal exercises

    Curriculum Includes

    • Vocal warm ups to strengthen singing voice and build vocal technique
    • Music reading and ear-training exercises using solfege to build basic musicianship skills
    • Learning and memorizing a variety of repertoire in different musical styles including folk, classical, musical theater, and popular songs    

    The goal of this class is to teach students the basics of singing in a fun, collaborative environment.  The curriculum will be very similar to private voice lessons for beginning students, but with the added enjoyment and motivation that comes with singing in a group.   

    Students who enroll in the group will sign up for 12 weeks of classes at a time.  After each 12-week session, students may choose to continue in the group class, or transition into private voice lessons (with instructor approval).  



    Registration fee: $50/family (New & Reentry Students)

    Materials fee: $30


    Length 3 payments plan 1 payment plan
    12 weeks - 45 min.  165 480


    *2.5% discount applies for non-credit card transactions.