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INDIVIDUAL LESSONS POLICY​ ​2021 (Effective January 2021)

a. The School DOES NOT observe all federal holidays. Please see School calendar.
b. Lessons are considered ongoing and recurring. To discontinue, please see below.
c. This policy is for lessons in-person and online.

a. You are expected to attend your lessons at your regular day and time on a weekly & ongoing basis.
b. If you cannot attend a lesson, the School must be notified in writing at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson to receive a makeup lesson.
    Insufficient notice will result in a forfeit of the lesson.
c. If the teacher cannot attend a lesson, students will be provided a makeup lesson, or the School
will provide a substitute with or without notice.

a. Makeup lessons expire 1 year after being issued.
    i. Makeup lessons must be used before discontinuing lessons, otherwise they are forfeited.
   ii. Makeup lessons cannot replace regular lessons, but must be scheduled in addition to regular lessons.
b. Students or parents are responsible for scheduling their own makeups online or with the front desk.

a. The school must be notified in writing ​30​ days prior to discontinuing lessons.
b. In the event your teacher is unable to continue teaching, you will be assigned to another
teacher. There are no refunds/partial refunds for partial months. The 30 day notice is still required.

a. The School strongly encourages students to participate in one or more of the following services: Recitals, Music Theory Classes, Music Appreciation Classes, Audition Prep Classes, Standardized Music Exams, and other services as they become available.
   i. Makeup lessons can be used to participate in one of these educational activities (excluding recitals and Standardized Exams).

a. A credit card on file is REQUIRED to enroll in lessons.
b. All payments are due by the 23rd of each month for the following month’s lessons.
     i. Example: February lesson fees are due on January 23rd.
c. Payment methods include cash, check/bill pay, ACH, Zelle, PayPal, or credit card.
     i. Open invoices will be automatically charged on the 23rd of the month

d. Discount is as follows, and must be paid on time by cash, check, ACH or Zelle:
     i. Sibling discount or multiple lessons discount: 2.5%
     ii. Maximum discount total is 2.5%
     iii. Discount applied after payment is received.

​7. ​Photo & Video Release Permissions
a. Occasionally, Scherzo Music School will take video and/or photos from recitals, exams, etc.
for use on our social media accounts, website, and other promotional purposes. You authorize Scherzo Music School to utilize your child’s photos or recordings for these purposes only. At any time you may revoke this authorization in writing.

Rates & Fees

Time per week In-Person Hybrid Online
20-minute lessons
30-minute lessons
45-minute lessons
60-minute lessons

* Online lessons require a good camera, microphone, and internet connection.

Flexible lessons allow you to take 1 - 2 of your monthly lessons in person. Only select instruments available (piano and strings), lesson dates/times limited.

* An initial Registration Fee of $50.00 is required to begin lessons. Registration fee applies to new and re-entry students.

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20-minute lessons

Young Beginner
$ 146 Per Month *

Recommended for age 5 and below

30-minute lessons

Beginner Student
$ 220 Per Month *

45-minute lessons

Intermediate Student
$ 330 Per Month *

60-minute lessons

Advance Students
$ 440 Per Month *

Flexible lessons

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