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  • Cello Lessons

    Scherzo Music School is excited to offer cello lessons for everyone. Students have the option of lessons once or twice a week, for 30, 45, or 60 minutes each. Students in the program are encouraged to participate in recitals, prepare for standardized music tests like the ABRSM exam (both services offered by Scherzo Music School), and/or to participate in a school or regional orchestra.

    Student cello sizes run from 1/8 size to full size. Teachers and staff at Scherzo Music School understand the challenge for new students to make a decision regarding the size and budget when purchasing or renting an instrument. It is highly recommended to consult with a teacher before purchasing or renting an instrument since an appropriate size is of utmost importance for an optimal education. For first time students looking to take cello lessons, the schools can provide an adequate instrument for the free assessment. During the assessment, students will receive feedback regarding the size and options regarding an instrument for home practice. Scherzo Music School has a rent with size upgrades at no extra cost, or a rent-to-own program.

    A cello is an instrument belonging to the violin family. In fact, its original name is violoncello. And as a part of the string family, it is one of the biggest bowed stringed instruments. Cellos are a standard part of a concert orchestra, typically having about a dozen players. Famous musicians have made use of cello concertos having a solo cellist as the center of the orchestra and the other instruments serve as accompaniments.