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  • Saxophone

    Come take saxophone lessons at Scherzo Music School! Lessons can be once or twice a week in periods of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. School enrollment is ongoing with flexible scheduling during the summer and winter months.

    Introducing children to the benefits of music education can encourage personal development; sax lessons at Scherzo Music School do just that. The lessons focus on many aspects of musicality such as technique on the instrument, music theory, sight-reading, ear training, etc. Student and/or parent-set goals are encouraged and help to measure the progress of each student. These goals can include performing for peers, taking standardized music exams like the ABRSM, and/or performing in recitals - all options offered by Scherzo Music School!

    The saxophone is a woodwind instrument invented in 1840 by Adolphe Sax. There are four main types of saxophones: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone (in order from smallest to largest, highest-pitched to lowest-pitched) with alto and tenor being the most common. Saxophones can be found in many different settings including the symphony orchestra, but the sax especially shines as a lead instrument in many rock and roll and jazz ensembles. Saxes are typically made of brass and - like the clarinet - saxophones are a single reed instrument.

    Saxophone lessons can be difficult to manage. Finding time in one’s schedule as well as finding an effective instructor can be troublesome. Fortunately, Scherzo Music School works hard to oversee the education of each student.The school coordinators are available before and after lessons to help keep all parties up-to-date with the enrollment process and the progress of each student.

    All types of saxophones are available for rent at Scherzo Music School via affiliation with Veritas Instrument Rental Incorporated.