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  • Viola Lessons

    Scherzo Music School wants to teach you how to play the viola! Viola lessons at Scherzo Music School are an excellent way to introduce children as young as 4 years old to the benefits of music education. Focusing on many elements of musicality such as note reading, rhythm, ear training, sight-reading, as well as proper technique on the instrument gives each student a strong musical foundation for continued growth. Students and parents are invited to set goals in order to gauge the progress of each student. The goals can include participating in recitals, performing for/with peers, or taking standardized music exams like the ABRSM - all services offered by Scherzo Music School.

    We know choosing the best approach is difficult when it comes to viola lessons. Finding the proper teacher and time in your schedule can be problematic, that’s why Scherzo Music School works as a team to help oversee the education of each musician. Our school coordinators are available before and after lessons to help keep you up-to-date with the enrollment process and the progress of each student.

    The viola is a string instrument that looks much like a violin. It has four strings and is held and played in a similar manner to the violin; however, the viola is larger and has a lower range. It is a fixture in the symphony orchestra as well as an integral part to any sort of string ensemble - such as a string quartet.